Pet Boarding

Their Home Away From Home

Need to get away? Can’t bring your furry loved ones along? Worried you won’t be able to find someone trustworthy to care for your pet while your away? 

home away from home

As much as we love our pets, there are times when we can’t bring them with us or we can’t be home to take care of them. Critter Sitters is committed to creating a comfortable space for dogs and cats to stay while you're away. You can rest assured that your loved ones will be treated with loving care as one of the family. 

Your pet will be happy staying with us and playing with our caring staff. With indoor and outdoor kennels, 30-foot runs, and designated play areas, we're your premier destination for pet boarding. You'll have peace of mind thanks to our on-site veterinarians. You are welcome to bring your pet's food in an airtight container and any medications. Space does get limited around the holidays, so make your reservations early!


We Offer Specialty Foods and Supplies

  • Hypoallergenic Food
  • Dog Food
  • Prescription Diets
  • Pet Treats and Snacks
  • Pet Supplements: for Healthy Joints, Skin/Coat, Brain, Heart, and Liver


5 Designated Areas to Make Sure Your Pet Has A Wonderful Experience.

  • Small dogs
  • Large, active dogs
  • Older dogs
  • Puppies
  • Cats and kittens

The cat area features individual cages, and toys. Your feline will love having free time in the sunshine!

Our Requirements for Boarding are:

  • ALL pets must be up-to-date on their vaccinations.
    • Cats need their FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations.
    • Dogs need their DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations.
    • Proof of vaccination history must be brought along with pets if they are not given here. 


Boarding Prices:

  • Canine Boarding
    • 1 Dog, separate suite - $42.00
    • 2 Dogs, same suite - $57.00
    • 3 Dogs, same suite - $70.00
    • 4 Dogs, same suite - $80.00
  • Additional Fees
    • Medication Administration - TBD
    • Special Feeding - TBD
    • No Show/ Late Cancellation Fee - $50.00
    • Holiday No Show/ Late Cancellation Fee - $100.00


  • We request that all personal belongings be labeled with the pet’s name.
  • We do provide your pet with quality food while here, if you would like your pet to remain on their at home diet please provide it in an air tight container with feeding instructions.
  • We are happy to administer your pets medications to them, an extra fee may be charged.
  • Diabetic pets require special attention so we require these pets have been evaluated recently by a veterinarian. Including recent glucose testing to ensure proper dose of insulin is being given to avoid any complications.
  • If your pet is aggressive and/or difficult to handle, an additional fee may be charged.


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