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 We treat your pets like the valued family members they are. We pride ourselves on being a small “mom & pop” business, while focusing on the safety and care of your furry family members. Our mission is to provide exceptional care that aligns with Gunnison's health forward lifestyle at an affordable cost. We strive to help pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives by providing outstanding preventative medical care that starts early in life which follows them through the years. We are committed to professional, compassionate, and personalized service for all. Offering state-of-the-art veterinary medical diagnostics, a full service clinic, and urgent care services.

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October is National Shelter Pet Month

                      As animal care providers we strive to help shelters promote healthy adoptions for families and individuals.                We provide services to assist these animals in staying in homes. 

Click here to learn more ways you can help shelter pets.


Small Animal Rescues: 

Gunnison Animal Welfare League

Gunnison Underdog Rescue

Montrose Animal Shelter

Second Chance Humane Society

Large Animal Rescues: 

Drifters Hearts of Hope

Colorado Horse Rescue

Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue

Far View Horse Rescue


November is Senior Pet Month

Has your senior pet been checked recently? Are they ready for the increased difficulties that come with the colder temperatures? Are their nutritional needs met? Is their arthritis properly managed? 

Click here to learn more about what senior pets need in the winter.



December is National Cat Lovers Month

Winter is a great time to bond with your kitty. The cold keeps us in our homes and allows us more opportunities for quality time to help our furry friends have better enriched lives. Consider teaching your kitty tricks, or installing multi-level walkways or perches, or desensitizing them for fear free veterinary exams and procedures.

Click here to learn more ways on how you can improve your cats mental stimulation at home.


  • Tom Venard

    Dr. Tom Venard, DVM a native of eastern Colorado, graduated veterinary school from Colorado State University in 1975 and Harvard School of Public Health in 1985. He spent half of his veterinary career in the US Army Veterinary Corps. In 1991 he purchased Gunnison Veterinary Clinic and has been entrusted for almost 50 years to take care of the animals of Gunnison and Crested Butte areas. 

    Doc as most call him has always loved animals and pets. He has always been fascinated by how the body works and enjoys continuing to learn about its new discoveries every day. He strives to not only make a difference in the lives of his pet patients, but their human families as well. His favorite part of veterinary medicine is being there for his clients from the first day they bring a new pet home to the day they have to say goodbye. 

  • Bailey Randlett

    Dr. Bailey is excited to return to Gunnison, bringing the most current knowledge of veterinary medicine and a passion for communication with her. Dr. Bailey wants pet parents to feel confident in their medical decisions for their furry friends by feeling comfortable asking questions and getting answers that are understandable. Many pets can have complicated medical diagnoses that require multiple medications, further diagnostic testing, and a lot of at-home care. Dr. Bailey wants to help you navigate these complexities so that these tasks can be done with ease and your pet can live their lives to the fullest for as long as possible.

    Dr. Bailey, Nico, and Ember (their beloved pup) are excited to join Gunnison Veterinary Clinic and look forward to continuing to build their family here in the Gunnison valley.


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  • "Sparks always loves to go over because everyone there is so nice to him! I have never had one bad interaction with Critter Sitters. As someone who is very hesitant with other people looking after my dog, I wholeheartedly trust them with my dog. Highly recommend having them look after the dog or wash or anything. He came back with this super cute bandana and was so excited. I absolutely love this place and will never go anywhere else"
  • "Jamee and her staff go above and beyond for their patients."
  • "This was our first experience boarding with Critter Sitters. All staff were very welcoming and gentle with my senior JRT. Glad to have found this business."
  • "I love All of the crew at the clinic. My two Boston’s just love all of you! Thank you so very much for taking care of Dixie and Gracie!"
  • "Excellent professional care. My puppy always returns happy."
  • "It was a great visit for us; caring, calm, and on time! Easy to schedule! Thanks!"
    Nadine & Tony
  • "Everyone was absolutely wonderful during THIS difficult time and EVERY other. Thank you all so much, not only for taking great care of our animals but us as well."